Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Preaching Abortion - The Pope Does It Best!

If you believe that a human fetus is alive, congratulations. You are correct. There is a heart beat, respiration, and all of the other stuff that goes with life.
If you believe that a fetus in a human womb is human, again congratulations. Of course, what else could it be? Mouse? Monkey? Bacterium?
If you link these two and conclude that all abortion is the taking of a human life and must be stopped, you are going a bit farther with the conclusions than may be warranted.
The time that the life become the kind of human life that is worth protecting becomes an important point. Is every sperm and every egg to be encouraged to create a human being?
If you are Catholic, that is what they teach. They then tell their priests not to use their sperm to reproduce and they tell their nuns not to use their eggs to reproduce.
Why the double standard?
Clearly, the nuns and priests are defective people and should not be allowed to continue their genetic lineage - didn't God create Darwin and allow him to recognize the little bit of amusement that God came up with to while away the millennia? Evolution.
The idea that men should not have sex, but spend a lot of time with impressionable young boys is clearly extreme hubris or the work of someone with the ability to provide incredible self control to all of his minions.
A perfect being could do this.
The results of the exercise of the Supreme Being's perfection suggests that He defines perfection differently from the rest of us. Of course, since He is a supreme being He is capable of changing whatever rules He feels like changing, including definitions. The fundamentalists do not seem to understand this.
Sorry, I used fundamentalist and understand in the same sentence. That is absolutely wrong.
If a supreme being is incapable of using a metaphor, what underachiever would really want to believe in Him, anyway?
Anyway, the Pope is here to encourage abortion and altar boy rape. Maybe we should ask him why his religion doesn't offer 72 virgins or some other afterlife extravalue coupon program to those who kill for their God.
It's only a matter of time.
The fundamentalists have a great sales pitch "Eternal Orgasm or Unrelenting Torture?" - as long as you don't read the fine print.
Who am I kidding, they don't need to hide it in fine print - as long as you don't read.